Palm Bay Garage Ltd

Westwood Service Centre Ltd is owned by former Aftersales Manager of Palm Bay Garage Ltd, David Locke.


'It was a very sad time when Palm Bay Garage Ltd closed its doors for the last time. But I am glad to say that all the loyal and dedicated staff who worked there have found positions elsewhere and are settled for the future.


I myself had various options moving forward, eventually deciding that to open my own service centre could be a viable option. So with with the support and encouragent from former work collegues, close friends and family I decided to open Westwood Service Centre. To facilitate this I was fortunate to be in a position to purchase all the stock, equipement, customer records and the use of the Palm Bay name. This has given me the ability to set up very quickly, serving the many loyal and dedicated customers who used to visit Palm Bay. All the  services that I was able to offer at Palm Bay I still do albeit at a lower price - due to our lower overheads. Please contact us today to see how we can best serve you for the future.


(n.b The property is now under new ownership, under the name of Palm Bay Mot Service Centre Ltd with no connection to the original business, staff or franchise)


Many thanks


David Locke

Business Owner (Westwood Mot, Tyre & Service Centre Ltd)

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